Leon Ferreira has been on the Contemporary Christian Music scene for 30 years.
Although mainly writing, recording and performing in his native tongue Afrikaans, he often included English tracks on his albums.

On his latest, entirely English release, Ferreira entered the Country Music genre with confidence. His style is expressed through a warm, old-school, simple, lyric-driven delivery… well mostly. There is one exception – The title track “No Longer I”.
This vocally gripping track has a more modern feel, while lyricly keeping to the clear, straight forward Gospel message of hope in Christ.

As an artist, Ferreira has never been pushed into releasing albums, simply to stay “on the scene”. He has always maintained that he can only write and record when he has something to say. To that point, his last 3 albums where all released more that 4 years apart.

Although revisiting a number of country songs from the past, with this album and especially the title track, it is clear that Ferreira has something new to say! The Good News on this album is heart-warming, comforting and joyful!
It is clear that the music is personal and honest, rooted in the truth of identity in Christ.